{Boudoir} FAQ

What is boudoir photography?
Boudoir photography is a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects in a photographic studio, bedroom or private dressing room environment, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and his or her romantic partners. It is distinct from glamour and art nude photography in that it is usually more suggestive rather than explicit in its approach to nudity and sexuality, features subjects who do not regularly model, and produces images which are not intended to be seen by a wide audience, but rather to remain under the control of the subject.

Why would I need a boudoir session?
It is common for women to have boudoir photographs of themselves made as a gift to a partner, conventionally on the occasion of their engagement, marriage, or before an enforced separation such as a military deployment. Increasingly, boudoir photography is seen as something that a person might do purely for their own enjoyment, for the pleasure and affirmation of seeing themselves as attractive, daring, sensual, and sexually-desirable. Lady Ashley understands being a mother that many women also wish to reclaim their bodies after childbirth and has photographed many mothers in her career for private sessions and editorial publications.

How far in advance should I book my session?
We highly encourage early booking as our schedule can be booked up of often by three months. This is to also help guarantee your booking preference date.

How long will my session last?
This depends on your choice of package, we offer sessions start at 30 minutes and even offer Ala cart in case you decide you want to even add additional time into your package.

Where will it be?
Our sessions have taken place at clients own homes for a personal touch, hotels, and more. The location depends on your package choice.

Is there an option for a female photographer if I’m uncomfortable shooting with a man?
Lady Ashley is a female photographer, so no worries there. Sometimes we may use stylists that are male, if you prefer an all female staff we can accommodate you for your personal comfort level.

What do I need to bring?
Many women choose to go shopping for new items when doing a session, keep in mind that clothing does not need to be all lingerie. Bring at least one form fitting bra and panty set.

Will I be completely nude?
Generally my typical boudoir sessions are not nude, unless requested specifically by my client. Sometimes we do shoot implied nudity which may be used to create seductive or softness in a image or pose, again this is 100% based on your desire of what you would like to accomplish with your session.

I’m really nervous. Is that normal?
It is definitely normal to be nervous for your boudoir session, so don’t worry. In fact, I’d wager that about 99% of our clients are nervous when they first get started. However, within five or ten minutes of the session, most women not only feel comfortable, but confident and beautiful.

How do I know how to pose?
We’ve totally got you covered there. We know all the tips and tricks to create the most flattering angles for women of all shapes and sizes. Don’t you worry about posing, we’ll help you pose everything from your toes to your chin.

I want share these pictures with my partner, but I don’t want loose prints floating around. Any ideas for the best gift?
This is a common concern and we totally get it. We suggest our little black book, which is discreet and keeps all of the images in one place.

Am I allowed to bring alcohol to help loosen my nerves?
If you’re over 21, we are A-OK with you bringing a drink.

What should I bring to my boudoir session?
For our normal sessions, we suggest two different outfits, three if you’re feeling it, and any props you may want to incorporate. Props run the gamut from hair accessories to masquerade masks. If you want some ideas, let’s talk!

Do you do outdoor boudoir sessions?
At this time, we only do outdoor boudoir sessions if they take place on your private property in a secluded area where nobody can see. We do this to protect you and us.

How long does it take to get my photographs back?
We work to have your images to you within four to six weeks of your session date.

Do I have control over who sees my images?
Absolutely. When you book a session, we’ll discuss all of this. We respect your wishes and won’t post or share any images if you prefer they stay private.

What happens if I’m extremely uncomfortable on the day of?

What should I do to prepare for the session?
Be sure to read the entire welcome packet and ask any questions you have prior to your session.

What comes with the packages?
Each package clearly states what’s included, additionally we offer ala cart items.

Will these images be posted online or any social networks?
This is 100% up to you! Many of our clients love to take part in sharing their images on social media.

Who else will have access to these images?
Only you, unless you decide you want to share.

Will I have the option to use props?
Yes, and we encourage you to discuss any props you may want to bring of your own as we find this helps really make a shoot very signature!

Should I go tanning before my session?

Should I be waxed before my session?

If it helps, can I bring any alcohol?
By law if you are under the age of 21 we cannot legally allow you to bring any alcohol into our session. Prior to any consumption we ask you sign a full waiver liability wavier.

If I want the session at a hotel, then who is responsible for the cost? Or is that cost incorporated into the package amount?
Unless you are taking part in a session for one of our shoot outs you are required for all payment and pre-booking/booking of a room. Our packages do not include any of this cost and only cover Lady Ashley’s time to create your images.

If it’s in the package, do I have to use the provided professional hair and makeup artist, or can I have my hair and makeup done prior to the session?

How do I go about securing my session?

What happens if you’re sick or are unable to shoot the session on the scheduled day?

Can my friend come along?

How will I know how to pose?

How many outfit changes can I have?

I really don’t like “X” about me, can we shoot around it?

I’m a plus size woman, is boudoir still something I should consider?

How long have you been shooting boudoir?

I’m doing this for my partner, but I’m not comfortable with some of the poses I see online…

One of my favorite things to do with my clients is to have them create a mood board of images they personally like poses of and ideas. This aids in direction of our session to bring you the best potential images.

Can this session be done at my house?

Lady Ashley is an experienced passport carrying photographer capable of shooting anywhere and has internationally, indoors, outdoors, private locations (including private islands) and studios. Your location can be anywhere of your choosing depending on your investment.

What other locations options do we have?

I don’t have any ultra-sexy lingerie, what else could I wear?

Can I incorporate my partner’s favorite sports team?

I wanted to give my partner this as a present, but don’t want loose prints, what products do you suggest?

In your professional opinion, how much time do you think is needed for the session?

If you do post “sneak-peaks” online on your social network site, do you have to post mine?

I prefer black & white images. Will you edit them in color and black & white?

Is there an extra fee for creative edits?

How many photos do you typically take during the session?

How many photos will I receive?

Do you offer professional retouching (e.g. fat reductions, zit removal, stretch mark removal)?

Do you use flash at your sessions?

If not, what time of day would be best for the session?

Do you have any options to shoot outdoors?

What do your boudoir products look like?

Do you have any samples of your boudoir sessions?

Do you have any samples of a boudoir session with a plus size woman?

Can the albums you offer be customized?

If we end up needing more time on the day of the session, can it be added on then?

Do you bring an assistant with you?

How much do boudoir sessions end up costing?

Do you offer a video option for the boudoir session?

What type of payments do you accept?